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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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brokers. >> got a call from the fbi saying we have your husband's remains. >> an america tonight exclusive investigation. tuesday, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> doctors excuse please of entering a hospital and shooting injured fighters aft fighters after burundi's failed coup. hello, welcome to al jazeera live from our doha headquarters. also ahead. a massive strategic blow to iraq's government. i.s.i.l. fighters seize the government headquarters in ramadi. asia's migrant crisis, thousands are stranded at sea with nowhere
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to go. >> your love i'll cherish to my grave ♪ >> and the world of music says good-bye to music legend, b.b. cifng. b.b. bing. >> doctors in burundi have accused police of entering the emergency room of a hospital and shooting injured fighters. united states says it's alarmed by multiple reports of retaliatory attacks by journalists, this despite a public statement by the president that he didn't want to see reprisals. malcolm webb reports from bujumbura. >> fighters of burundi's failed coup. police came here and shot the injured men. >> we received three patients,
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and there was -- they was here, after that moment, we see a group of policemen arrive here and they began to shoot. everywhere. and they began to look for those patients. >> out from the street some protesters tried to block the roads after hearing about the coup's failure but they were quickly dispersed by gun fire. on wednesday the military takeover was initially popular among the demonstrators, but since it failed, some think it's made them worse for them. >> this whole coup detat they came up by themselves. they fought together and did a lot of things together then he came here and tried to talk to people about the demonstrations, things we didn't want to hear about. >> but most of the streets in
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the capital were quiet with police and soldiers in control. after the coup, fighters burned independent tv and radio now the only radio on air is the state broadcasters. when president pierre nkurunziza returned to the capital his supporters welcomed him but the activists who were organizing his bid against the third presidential term fear, they are in hiding and trying the escape the country. those who are involved in the coup will go on trial. go on monday against third term. burundi's political crisis is far from over. malcolm webb, al jazeera bujumbura. >> to iraq now where government forces have suffered a major set
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back against islamic state of iraq and the levant. i.s.i.l. has seized a government compound in ramadi. zeina khodr has the latest. >> reporter: the symbol of the government is under control of islamic state of iraq and the levant. ramadi has long been a city that has been fought over. but i.s.i.l. fighters launched an all out assault early friday taking over the ramadi compound which houses most of the city's government buildings. they managed to penetrate using suicide bombers. government forces and their local sunni allies were not able to stop i.s.i.l. advance. many were killed. it is a strategic blow to the authorities who have been losing ground in other areas of the province. the assault on ramadi was part of a large scale attack on government forces on multiple fronts, in the province. late thursday i.s.i.l. used 22
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suicide bombers to target the barracks of government forces in garma. it is clear the government considers anbar strategic. it controls most of anbar before this attack, now it controls most of the capital. councils are blaming the government if baghdad for much of the sunni gains. warning that i.s.i.l. would make gains if military weapons and reenforcements weren't sent to anbar. they are suspicious of their loyalty and too weak to fight this war alone. >> we are complaining and
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telling the security ministries and war ministers working along with its own leadership, there is no coordination, there is no strengthening, to the force with the tribal members either by weapon or by planning or training no solutions. >> reporter: after suffering military set backs in other provinces, i.s.i.l. can now claim a victory just weeks after the government claimed a military campaign to retake anbar. zeina khodr, al jazeera iraq. shoulder launched rockets and other supplies will be delivered to iraqi troops. the u.s. says that despite the set backs in ramadi it is still confident it can help iraq
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defeat i.s.i.l. houthi rebels have been fighting with pro-government forces in ta'izz. the ceasefire is hampering aid delivery. at least 22 people have been killed in the northern city of manbridge. the city in aleppo province is controlled by i.s.i.l. there's a crisis developing in southeast asia, around 8,000 people are crammed onto boats drifting in the andeman sea with nowhere to go. most are rohingya refugees officials have prevented vessels with them aboard from entering their waters. veronica ped pedrosa has the story.
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veronica. >> that is indeed the situation and the way it is playing out is that governments are trying to push responsibility as it were, elsewhere. it would seem. as you say, there are boats like one that was founder off the coast of satoon province this southern thailand on thursday, that the royal thai navy provided fuel and fuel to. but the situation is absolutely desperate. there are women and children on board and they need medical treatment. the clash between saving liefers lives and what can be done with the rohingya people, have absolutely nowhere to go.
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let's hear from those people often the boat in this report. this is not a rescue. the thai royal navy found this boat off the coast of satoon province filled with around 380 men women and children from western myanmar and bangladesh. the captain of the boat escaped and they ran out of food and water ten days ago. judge the >> the people are starving, we have nothing to keep us alive. two other people over there are dying from starvation. one man jumped off the boat because he went crazy. at least ten have jumped off the ship. some made to it nearby fishing boats. >> i don't have anything left and the rakind killed my
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relatives so i made the decision to follow them. >> the boat filled with ethnic rohingya a thai fisherman reportedlyed the boat to the thai neach. navy. >> thinking first and foremost about how people can be saved. don't think what you're going to do with the boat, take proper care and then can you take the next step. >> many on board said they want to go to malaysia where their family members are. thai navy spent the night fixing the boat engine and let everybody go. there may be as many as 8,000 migrants in these seas but with everyone denying them permission to land they are just going
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incorporate slowly. this mornings what we've heard is the families of three of the people on the boat have taken it upon themselves to write from their camp in bangladesh about three of the people on board. their families have written to the thai government and they've asked the thai government to take steps to rescue their family members their loved ones because otherwise they warn they will die at sea. and this echoes the words from various international aid organizations, indeed one official one spokesman from the international organization of migration has said this is what we risk. having boat loads of dead people. >> veronica thank you once again. let's speak now to charles santiago, who is an opposition politician in malaysia.
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charles, thank you very much for joining us here at al jazeera. malaysia is one of the countries turning migrant boats away, what do you think of the government's response so far to the migrant crisis? >> well, i think malaysia is not the only country. thailand and indonesia are also involved in this push back policy against the refugees. these are not migrants by and large, these are refugees who are fleeing persecution in their own country in myanmar. i think this policy has to stop and stop right now. in the next few days you'll see dead bodies arriving at our shores. we should try temporary humanitarian protection, not give them water and food and send them back to the killing fields. the people in these countries including malaysia thailand and indonesia have to demand their governments to act responsibly.
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i want to correct your report earlier, go ahead sorry. >> the president of the rohingya -- go ahead charles. >> i just was -- want to clarify that there is a misconception in the reporting of many media that says these are migrants. i want to emphasize here these are refugees fleeing from% execution in their own countries. this is from myanmar. put clear here. go ahead. >> thank you charles. the president of the country says the rohingya, root cause in myanmar is what needs to be fixed or this problem will continue. >> well, i think all of us are saying the same thing. it is a two pronged process. one is you need reforms and changes. fundamental changes in myanmar. at the same time, asean governments need to be
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responsible. asean governments talk about responsibilities, this is the time to own up, to be responsible and to put pleasure on myanmar to give citizenship rights to the rohingya, to remove them from the camps that they have been kept for 30, 40 years, this has to change on both sides. >> do you think the malasian government and other governments should put pressure on myanmar to treat the rohingya better and not flee their country. >> i think time has come for the asean governments to convene to impress on the government of myanmar that our policy towards the minorities including the rohingya has to stop and stop now. malaysia was one of the few countries that lobbied very
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strongly for myanmar to join the asean framework. so malaysia has a special possibilities. i think malaysia and indonesia has a special responsibility to impress upon the government of myanmar to respect the rohingyas and not discriminate based on race religion and skin color. >> thank you from malaysia. still ahead in al jazeera in a state where capital punishment is unpopular a jury gives the boston marathon bomber the ultimate penalty. plus: ♪ ♪ >> paying tribute to the king of blues, award winning musician b.b. king has died.
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>> and your back's against the wall... >> i have a problem... i don't speak english... >> hard earned pride... hard earned respect... hard earned future... a real look at the american dream hard earned only on al jazeera america >> part of our month long look at working in america.
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hello once again you're watching al jazeera. a reminder of our top stories. doctors in burundi has accused police of entering an emergency room and shooting soldiers. pierre nkurunziza is back in the country. i.s.i.l. fighters have taken control of the government's headquarters in namazi, the largest city in the province of
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anbar. thousands are crammed into boats in the sea with nowhere to go. john kerry is expected to voice concerns over china's actions in disputed waters. let's speak to adrian brown in beijing. is that what john kerry's visit to china is all about? >> reporter: well, this is a scheduled visit. it was planned many months ago but in recent days officials in washington have been indicated that the united states government is becoming increasingly alarmed by the expansion of artificial islands that china is building in the contested waters of the south china sea.
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recently aerial photographs of frantic construction going on and what appears to be a runway, that china could potentially have a military use put missiles there and force an seclusion zone, should beijing wish to. the south china sea contains sum of the -- some of the world's bissest shipping lanes. mr. kerry, in his talks to chinese, will be emphasizing the united states commitment ever freedom of navigation in the south china sea. now, china has responded angrily to the suggestion that these islands have a military use. china says that these islands fall within its sovereignty therefore, it is entitled to do with these islands whatever it wishes. at the moment you have to remember that china really is on
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a sort of nationalistic role right now and nothing matters more to beijing than absorbent even if it's a few small islands in the south china sea. >> adrian thank you very much for now. adrian brown is in the chinese capital. we will be monitoring that press conference due to be given soon by john kerry the u.s. secretary of state and wan lee we will be watching to see what they say. in other news, boston bomber dzhokhartsarnaev has been sentenced to debt for his role in the 2013 attack which killed three people. a jury in the state of massachusetts made the decision. after more than 14 hours of deliberations over three days. kristin saloomey reports. >> dzhokhartsarnaev sat stone faced as he heard his fate, death by lethal injection. survivors of the attacks which
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killed three and injured 264 were at the courthouse. >> happy is not what i would use, happy is not having to take somebody's life. i'm satisfied i'm grateful that they came to that conclusion because for me, i think it was the just conclusion. but there's nothing happy about any single bit of this situation. >> he's going to go to hell, that's where he wanted to go but going to get there quicker than he want. >> tsarnaev's lawyers didn't argue that he wasn't responsible for the attacks. but he was under pressure from his brother tamerlan. the jury who heard from witnesses whose limbs were blown off found his crimes heinous cruel and depraved. their decision will be automatically appealed.
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the jury verdict is highly controversial in the state of massachusetts where there hasn't been a death penalty case in many years. >> the majority of bostonnians are against the death penalty. was this a trial bia jury that wasn't capable of reflecting the conscious of the communities? >> when the punishment is death all 12 jurors must be unanimous in their decision and in the end they all agreed that 21-year-old dzhokhartsarnaev must pay for his crimes with his life. kristin saloomey, al jazeera new york. two buses have been set on fire in a shanty town of rio de janeiro. there's an ongoing violence in the area after residents discovered the bodies of two
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motorcycle taxi drivers. both were stabbed to death. rio de janeiro officials blame the crimes on drug gangs. mexico will pay $the 3 million in compensation to relatives whose children were killed last year. more from trotlaya in mexico. >> soldiered shot dead 22 people in a shootout with gang members authorities said and authorities praised their victory over organized crime. >> one soldier was injured but the army defended itself
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lettingly. >> gradually it became obvious that the government wasn't telling the whole truth. these are the blood spat erd bullet holes that indicate something more than a shootout took place. subsequent investigations found that the army lined up and then executed 12 to 15 people here. after they'd laid down their weapons and surrendered. now the government said it will pay compensation of over $3 million to be shared by the survivors and victims' families. it is the biggest payout of the army forces since they were deployed to wipe out of mexico's drug cartels. violence has mounded against them. >> translator: they decided that the army and navy should do the job of the police but they haven't changed soldiers'
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education. they have to teach them to respect the citizens to hear and understand that people have rights. >> reporter: more than 2,000 people have asked to be part of the government's national victims register looking for recognition and compensation for human rights abuses by authorities. but many more cases go unnoticed, says francisco marat who livers across the road from the warehouse where the trotlaya killings took place. >> you only see the big cases like trotlaya or iguala. they don't appear in the press and are forgotten because they don't have the same power. >> reporter: he was the only person we found that would talk to us in fetlaya. others said speaking out meant retribution from government forces or organized crime. in this violent area many people
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still don't know who they can trust. john holman, al jazeera trotlaya. >> the first of two oil rigs designed to drill in the arctic have arrived in seattle. protestors and kayaks tried to block the rig as it entered the bay. u.s. presidential hopeful hillary clinton and her husband former president bill clinton have earned almost $25 million from speeches the last year. disclosing the couples' incomes both clintons have demanded 6-figure fees since last year. b.b. king has died in his home
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known for breaking down racial barriers in music john hendren reports from chicago. >> the world of blues has lost its king. gone but not forgotten, b.b. king was a soloist and inspiration to fans. >> he brought an energy to his work that just kind of engulfed you, and even though you weren't interested in the music, he captured you. that is rare. >> reporter: with his fluttering fingers and resonant soulful voice. ♪ the thrill is gone ♪ ♪ >> b.b. king crafted an unmistakable sound. he began by playing on street corners near the plantation in the u.s. state of mississippi where he was born. ♪ hey everybody ♪ >> in a career that spanned half a century rose to become the
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king of blues. >> i would like to do what i'm doing and for nothing if somebody was paying my bills but they're paying me for something i like to do anyway. >> king's record live at the cook county jail, had a real impact. richard steele remembered him on his friday show shot at a barber shop. >> he was a country guy trying to make good. he never lost the honesty of being a small town guy who used to pick cotton. here in chicago when b.b. king came to town it was like a celebration. everybody got dressed up, women got dressed up to look nice to go see b.b. king. south side west side everybody loved b.b. king. that's something everyone could come together on. >> his trademark gibson guitars
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the same name, lucille 15 grammies to his name, in both the blues and the rom n roll hall of fame. b.b. king died in his sleep age 89. i'm "ali velshi on target." a co-worker can make your job a living hell with no law in place to stop them. mental illness, the big secret you'd never tell your boss about for fear of getting fired. unless you are the boss, you have little say in who you work with. sure, you could leave if you don't like it. it's tough to leave a pay check or the benefits behind these days. if you are being bullied at work, leaving or taking it may be your only options.